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Things on Social Media That Need to Get in the Bin

I’m usually pretty chilled out about social media. If someone posts something I don’t agree with, I just move on with my life. However, there are a few things that I see quite consistently that really makes my blood boil when I see them. Here is a quick rundown of things that people say or do on social media that I think should just get in the bin and disappear.

  • Charity Shamers

You can’t tell anyone about doing a good deed, unless you want to be branded an attention seeker. Especially if it was filmed – you will be told that your only doing it for personal gain and for retweets, likes, infamy or whatever. I tried doing a bit of research into this, but all I found were people moaning about why people are so vocal about their recent charity donation or act of kindness. ‘DON’T YOU DARE TELL ANYONE’ they say, ‘YOU’RE NOT A NICE PERSON IF YOU ONLY DO CHARITABLE THINGS TO TELL PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA’ – apparently, charity only works if you tell no-one – the ol’ “if a tree falls in the wood does it make a sound” dilemma. If you tell someone, is it still a good deed? Or are you just being SO SELFISH, only doing it to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.


To those people I say, SO WHAT?! We’re human, helping others makes us feel good about ourselves – just because you told someone about it, it doesn’t make it any less of a kind or good thing to do. Charity is still charity, whether you tell someone or not.

I do find that the kind of tweet mentioned above will also have this next item in the comments of the above…

  • The ‘1000/1 Odds’ this was made up meme

If you’re telling the internet a story about something that happened to you, something someone else has done or similar, just wait for this inevitable ‘THIS NEVER HAPPENED Y U LIE’ image popping up. It always seems to appear on any Tweet which talks about doing a good deed, or those with a funny story – it seems you can’t go down more than one comment or reply and not come across this image and cries of ‘this is not true, you’ve made it up’. It’s a bit like Goodwins Law, inevitably any story you tell will end up with this message. Why must you prove that something is real before it’s taken seriously, or believed?! People always bleet on about that they only want 15 minutes of fame – I say, so what? 15 minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of things and in life before social media, people who were good at making stories were interesting people. What’s the saying, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”? If there is no harm done in telling the story, just pipe down and let people enjoy it.

  • People only get in touch when they want something

I really begrudge this sentiment – a person who really doesn’t do ‘chit chatting’ I find it hard to keep up with friends, new and old. Generally, if I’ve not spoken to someone in a while, the reason why I’m reaching out is because I want something, whether it’s a question, a favour or advice. But whenever I see people posting this line, it makes me feel extremely guilty and makes me think twice about messaging. Should I have a better relationship with people? Message more? Am I a crappy friend?

Personally, I’m happy for anyone to message me with anything, even if we have not spoken in a long time. I love people reaching out and getting in touch, even if it because they want something.  Of course, there is totally a difference between someone taking advantage of you – if someone constantly and repeatedly asks for stuff and when you ask for something in return all you’re met with are excuses… then yes, please go ahead to be mad at this. Call those people out instead! Tell the person directly that you never get anything in return and you’re done with their behaviour, and for them not to ask any more and you’re set! Please stop vaguely posting that your ‘done’ with everyone that might have a question for you – you might be missing out on a few random messages from people wanting to make an actual connection!


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