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M&S Styling

Marks & Spencers are Killing it for Autumn/Winter

As much as I love wearing pastel colours and floaty dresses whilst basking in the sun, there’s just something about the dark colours and thick, textured materials of winter fashion which make me feel at home. The darker nights and colder weather brings in a whole new colour palette to life – dark reds, royal blues, glitter, sparkles and luxe – I love it!

I recently popped into Marks & Spencers to kill some time whilst waiting for a train, and I was astounded by the sheer amount of fabulous clothing, shoes and accessories that are available in their Autumn/Winter range. As someone who is a pretty ‘hands on’ type shopper, I love touching the soft fabrics and moving the luxe materials within the light so they shimmer. It makes shopping just that little bit more delightful!

Here are a selection of some of my favourites;

This moon print mesh dress (£49.50) is beautiful – I just love the silver print and the fact it’s mesh too. I get witchy vibes from this, and I’m totally here for it!

Ruffles on the arms, flaring out from the waist and polka dots?! I’m sold! Sadly, I can’t find the link for this dress – M&S’s product naming and search function are absolutely TERRIBLE. I’ve browsed through pages of products, and searched for masses of word combinations (mesh, polka dress, ruffle dress, blue dress, blue mesh etc) and still can’t find it on their site. I will update if I stumble upon it)

FOUND THE DRESS: It’s called Spotted Tulle Maxi Dress (£45) even though I swear I put spotted dress in the search and it came up with zip, nothin’, nada. Sort out the search function please!

Anyhow, back to the dress! The little polka dots are silver and I have to say, I’m a sucker for ruffles! I will definately have to wear heels with this, seeing as it’s a maxi dress. I’m a small gal and maxi dresses usually mean I’m falling over the excess of fabric at the bottom.

Then these bad boys caught my eye. I felt like they whispered to me from afar, saying “just try us on, we know we’re not particularly practical, but look, I’m GLITTERY”

Sparkle Shoes

Blush Sparkle Shoes on Model available from Marks & Spencers

I thought, I’ll just try them on. So yeah, I totally bought them of course. JUST LOOK HOW AMAZING THEY ARE!

The best bit… they were only £29.95! I was expecting them to be about £40 as I generally find M&S to be on the more pricier side. I generally don’t buy anything that is full price, like….. ever, as I’m a sale shopper through and through, and even then I didn’t hesitate to go straight to the counter with these beauties.

Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!


I always love Marks & Spencers for having reasonably sized heels – I’m not a 5 inch heel kind of gal, I’m short too so being too high up in heels is quite scary, plus, I like comfort! I always find beautiful shoes in there, and I’m so happy that their heels are generally a height adding, but not feet killing, 3 inches – they also come in half sizes, which is amazing. I’m a size 5 in flats but I have to get a size 4 in shoes with a heel as they just fall off my feet. Sometimes I find they do pinch a little in a size 4 though, so being able to get a size 4 1/2 is brilliant.

Speaking of sparkly heels, these bad boys (£29.50) also caught me eye – I find block heels just so much easier to walk in, plus these have a delicate ankle strap.

Marks & Spencers Block Sparkle Heel

When shoes have a little bit of ankle support it really does let you walk faster, without fear of them falling off. I’m well known for just walking out of my shoes!

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual than full length dresses, then there are some other beautiful pieces, like this embroidered half sleeve t-shirt – well, it’s got fancy sleeves, but it’s still kind of casual.. right?

They do have some pretty good full outfit ideas on the M&S site too – I thought this sparkly jumper (£27.50) was lovely, and whilst I was looking for some bottoms to go with, I found this little outfit compilation – would have picked this skirt (£35) to go with it anyways, and the other picks are just on point!

M&S Styling

Moon and star earrings (£7.50) and bee & star print bag (£35) – I’d probably swap the shoes for the block heel one earlier in the post, but pretty solid all around!

So this is what i’ve been lusting over! I’m very happy with my shoe purchase, but I’ll definitely be heading in again when it comes to outfit shopping for the festive period.

What are your faves? Let me know!

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